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Line Pump Hire

For jobs that are too small or tight for a boom pump, and too far or awkward for the wheel barrow. Very small and compact machine with up to 200 meters of pipeline available. 

Are you facing a concrete challenge that seems too small or tight for a boom pump? Look no further – Dean Concrete Pumping is here to save the day with our top-notch Line Pump Hire service in the picturesque South West of England!

Why Choose Dean Concrete Line Pump Hire?

When it comes to those tricky little projects like home improvements, small construction sites, or even quaint garden pathways, our Line Pump Hire is the secret weapon you've been waiting for. Our compact and agile line pump is tailor-made for spaces that send those big, clunky boom pumps running for the hills.

Imagine needing to pour concrete into a charming backyard patio that's nestled between tight walls. A massive boom pump might scoff at the challenge, but our line pump steps up to the plate – manoeuvring with finesse and precision to get the job done.

dean concrete pumping line.jpg

Compact Size, Grand Results

Our line pump isn't just small – it's a concrete superhero in disguise! Its size might make you wonder if it's capable of handling substantial tasks, but don't be fooled. The power packed into this compact machine is enough to push concrete through those narrow spaces and reach the farthest corners of your project, leaving no inch untouched.

Our line pump has a very small hopper, which means no mess!

Unlike the boom pumps, the line pump has rear air suspension, enabling us to wash the hopper in as little as 3 wheel barrows. We can also blow a ball through our pipeline which cleans the pipes, which again enables us to pack them away all clean and tidy.

dean concrete pumping line2.jpg

FAQ: About Concrete Line Pump Hire

1. Is the line pump suitable for residential projects?
Absolutely! Our line pump is a residential dream come true. From crafting charming pathways to pouring foundations for small extensions, its compact design makes it perfect for projects around your home.

2. How far can the line pump reach?
Our line pump has an impressive reach of up to 200 meters, ensuring that even the farthest corners of your project can be covered without breaking a sweat.

3. Is there a minimum amount of concrete required for hire?
We're all about flexibility. Whether you need a small amount for a DIY project or a larger quantity for a renovation, our line pump is at your service.

4. Can the line pump handle different types of concrete mixes?
Absolutely! Our line pump is versatile and can handle a variety of concrete mixes, ensuring your project's specific needs are met.

5. Do you offer operator services with the line pump hire?
You bet! Our skilled operators come with the line pump hire package, ensuring your project goes off without a hitch.

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